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Blenduk Church


Blenduk Church  sometimes spelled Blendug Church and is often pronounced as mBlendhug is the oldest Christian Church in Central Java built by the Dutch who lived in that city in 1753, with a hexagonal shape (a square of eight). The church is actually called GPIB Immanuel Church, at Jl. Letjend. Suprapto 32. Large dome, coated bronze, and in it there is a Baroque organ. Architecture in it is based on a Greek cross. The church was renovated in 1894 by W. Westmaas and H.P.A. de Wilde, who added the two towers in front of this church building. Blenduk name is the nickname of the local community which means dome. This church today is still used every Sunday. Around the church there are also a number of other buildings from the Dutch colonial period

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