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Mandala Bakti Museum


This museum was originally built by A.R. Kuhr E. and Van Leeuwen, circa 1930, the Raad van Justitie or special court for the Europeans who live in Semarang. In 1950, this place is converted by the Indonesian military as an office, and in 1985, has turned into a museum.

As a museum of military struggle, the museum is a good collection of data, history and documentation, and weapons-both traditional and modern weapons and equipment used in the war while maintaining independence, among others: traditional weapons, homemade weapons, modern weapons, heavy weapons , Communication Equipment, Minirawa Paris Madiun, banners Kodam, Wood, Textile, paper, palm leaves, Leather, Ivory, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Stone, Ceramics, from the glass.

A variety of ancient weapons, especially the soldier who never used IV Diponegoro military command, on display here.

Located on the road Soegiyopranoto no. 1. Mandala Bhakti Museum is located right in front of the Tugu Muda. Museum open Tuesday to Thursday from 08.00 until 18.00, Friday 08.00 hours until 10.30 am, Sunday from 08.00 am to 12.00, Monday, Saturday and holidays closed.

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