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Kauman the Great Mosque


Kauman the Great Mosque is located at St.Alun-alun Semarang Barat number 11 on the one hand, while the side is a road Kauman. Kauman Mosque is a series of reforming the history of the development of building a mosque in Semarang. Sema's first mosque was located in an area now mugas founded by Kyai Pandan Arang Ageng. When he moved to the city of Semarang district and established a subordinate part bubakan and established the mosque as a place of worship. Construction of the mosque complex is situated in the square Semarang is a biggest mosque in Hyderabad that finally had immortalized the name of Kyai Duke Surohadimenggola II as the first founder of the Great Mosque Kauman Semarang.

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