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Cake blends old school colonial taste


In 1912 the mother Liem Gien Nio ("Oma Oen") set up a cake shop in Yogyakarta, which is given the name "Oen" from her husband Tjoen Oen Hok ("Opa Oen"). Oen is the name of Chinese surnames. The word "oen" in Dutch means "moron". In a short time the store is equipped with ice-cream shops and restaurants (1922). Then the branches in Batavia and Malang (1930) opened. Batavia Branch was closed and the bank bought ABN in 1973. Direct building of a new building was destroyed and rebuilt. Toko Oen Malang sold in 1990 and continued by the new owners operated under the name "Oen" illegally.

In 1936 the name "Oen" Opa granted patents by Oen. Toko Oen Semarang was established in 1936 in a building formerly owned by the British and named Grillroom, which was bought by Opa Oen in 1935. Address at No. Bodjong. 52 (now Jalan Pemuda). Then passed on to the 2nd generation Hwa Liem Oen. Then passed on to his children. So now the restaurant is managed by the 3rd generation owner: Jenny Sando Kalalo Megaradjasa same husband.

At present, Toko Oen still occasionally visited by a former Dutch military. Those who had come to this restaurant definitely rank of officer. Because the salary of soldiers is not likely enough to eat at Toko Oen.

Some of the food served at this restaurant is "Uitsmijter" (2 pieces of bread, egg, cheese and meat), "" Huzarensalade "(cold salad containing beef, pickles and vegetables)," Rijsttafel "(rice with lots of side dishes), Fried Rice, and others. What is special in this restaurant is ice cream "Tutti Frutti" ("all fruits"). A kind of traditional ice cream is very tasty Central Java can we meet here as well, namely "Es Puter" taste of durian, strawberry, etc..

The more Intrigued by its colonial flavor? visit the shop on Jl. Youth 52, Semarang, Indonesia 50 138

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