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Semarang History

Semarang history begins more or less in the 8th century AD, the coastal area called Pragota (now Bergota) and is part of the ancient Mataram kingdom. The area at that time was in front of the harbor and there are clusters of small islands. Due to the deposition, which until now still ongoing, the cluster is now fused to form the mainland. Lower part of Semarang city known today as such used to be a marine. Port is estimated to be in the Feather Market area now extends into the harbor and Simongan, where the fleet of Admiral Zheng He's leaning in the year 1405 AD In place of landing, Admiral Cheng Ho founded the temple and the mosque which is still visited and called Sam Po Kong temple (Gedung Batu).

At the end of the 15th century AD there is someone stationed by the Kingdom of Demak, known as Prince Made Pandan (Sunan Pandanaran I), to spread the religion of Islam from the hills Pragota. From time to time that the more fertile, fertility from the sidelines that it appeared the tamarind tree charcoal (Javanese: Asem Charcoal), thus providing the title or the name of the area to Semarang.

As the founder of the village, then became head of the local area, with a degree Kyai Pandan Arang Ageng I. After his death, the leadership of the region held by his son who holds Pandan Arang II (later known as Sunan Bayat or Pandanaran II or Sunan Sunan Bayat Pandanaran or Ki Ageng Pandanaran or Sunan Pandanaran only). Under the leadership of Pandan Arang II, Semarang increasingly showing an increasing growth, thus attracting the attention of the Sultan Hadiwijaya Pajang. Due to the increasing requirements can be met area, it was decided to make level with the District of Semarang. On May 2, 1547 to coincide with the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, the early years of the 12th Rabi-H 954 passed by the Sultan Hadiwijaya after consultation with the Sunan Kalijaga. May 2, then set as the anniversary of the city of Semarang.

Later in the year 1678 Amangkurat II of Mataram, promised the VOC to provide Semarang as its debt payments, he claimed Priangan and taxes from the coastal port until the debt is paid off. In 1705 I gave Semarang susuhunan Pakubuwono to VOC as part of the deal because it has helped to seize Kartasura. Since then Semarang officially became a city-owned East India Company and the then Dutch East Indies government.

In 1906 with Stanblat No. 120 of 1906 established the Government Gemeente. Big city government is headed by a Burgemeester (mayor). Government System is held by the Dutch ended in 1942 with the Japanese occupation government datangya.

During the Japanese government was formed headed by the Military Semarang (Shico) from Japan. Accompanied by two deputies (Fuku Shico) each from Japan and a nation of Indonesia. Shortly after independence, that is 15 to October 20, 1945 it happened Semarang heroic young men who fought against Japanese troops who insisted on not willing to surrender to the forces of the Republic. This struggle known as the Battle of Five Days.

In 1946 the British on behalf of the Allied surrender to the Dutch city of Semarang. This occurred on May 1946 L6. Dated June 3, 1946 with the ruse, the Dutch captured Mr. Sudjahri priest, the mayor of Semarang before the proclamation of independence. During the period of Dutch occupation there is no local government of Semarang city. But the fighters in the field still running the government administration in rural areas or refugee areas outside the city until December 1948. evacuation areas moving from the city Purwodadi, Gubug, Kedungjati, Salatiga, and finally in Yogyakarta. Government leaders in a row held by R Broken, R. Prawotosudibyo and Mr. Ichsan. Dutch occupation government, known as Recomba trying to reshape the government like in colonial Gemeente first under the leadership of Slamet R Tirtosubroto. It did not work, because in the recovery of sovereignty should be handed to the Commander KMKB Semarang in February 1950. I date April 1950 Major Suhardi, Commander KMKB. Semarang government to hand over to Mr. Koesoedibyono, a high official at the Interior Ministry Yogyakarta. He recast the government officials in order to facilitate the running of the government.

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