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Johar Market


Is a symmetric building with a single facade. Consists of four building blocks held together by 8:00 feet wide alley. The orientation of buildings towards the east. Pasar Johar is a two-storey building just on the edge, while the center of a void. Transverse side of the building consists of six trafe, and has four longitudinal sides trafe. The foundation of stone, the structure of reinforced concrete, with a system of fungus on the columns. 6:00 module meter columns has a rectangular cross-section of eight. Columns like this are called construction fungus (mushroom). The roof of the flat roof made of concrete. In certain parts of the roof, held exaltation as the air holes. The building meets the footprint available, so there is no page or open space. This is in accordance with the principle of Thomas Karsten is space efficient. To the north there is a Market Pasar Johar Yaik Permai built later; east there SCJ (Johar Shoping Center) that was completed in 1994, and the south there is Kali Semarang.

Pasar Johar history began more than a century ago. In 1860 there is a market that occupies the eastern part of the square is lined by rows of trees johaar edge of the road. Presumably this is the name of Venus Market was born. Existing market locations in the west of Semarang diseebut market also Pasaar PEdamaran, and also adjacent to the prison so that it becomes a place waiting for people to see relatives and acquaintances who were jailed. Johar market becoming increasingly crowded and require the expansion of space. After going through the review process, ultimately held Johar Market expansion by cutting down trees and build a los johar new. Up to now the market is still owned by pertikelir (private). In 1931 the old jail building, located near the market johar dismantled in connection with the municipal government plans to establish a modern Centraal Market. Centraal market then was founded with the goal of uniting the functions of five existing markets, ie markets pedamaran johar, forts, and pekojan jurnatan. The market footprint that will see the planned siting pedamaran market, market johar, plus a jail house footprint, several shops, some pages Kanjengan and some square.

In 1933 the first draft proposal was made by Ir. Thomas Karsten, a basic form resembles Jatingaleh market with a larger size. At this stage there is a flat concrete roof structure with the highest at the center. The skin to be nested, given the already high land prices that region. However, the design was changed in the next three years with the aim to conduct efficiency. Because not meet the desires, then even this rencangan converted back to the idea of ​​re-construction cendawa raised. The plan is the latter that so constructed. The legend says that the market johar once famous as the largest and most beautiful market in southeast asia. In the 1960's ever held a change of the sticking tambahanpada wall around the market. This causes the appearance of mismatched architecture and systems penghawaan less smoothly. This additional return is now dismantled.

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