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Sam Po Kong temple


Building Stone Temple Sam Po Kong is a petilasan, the former haven and the first landing of a Chinese admiral religion of Islam. named Zheng He / Cheng Ho. Located in Simongan area, southwest of Semarang.

Called the Stone House because its shape is a huge Batu Caves are situated on a hill of stone. Since the blurring of history, an Indonesian Chinese descent consider the building is a temple - Chinese architecture so that their shapes resemble a temple. Now the place is used as a memorial and a place of worship or worship and places for pilgrimage. For this purpose, in a cave the stone placed on an altar, and statues of Sam Po Tay Djien. Though admiral cheng ho is a Muslim, but by those considered gods. It can dimeklumi remember Confucianism or Tau think the person who has died can give help to them.

According to the story, Admiral Zheng He was sailing through the sea there java a sick crew, he ordered the anchor. Then he was close to the northern coast of Semarang and founded a mosque on the waterfront that has now changed into a temple. The building now has been at the center of the city of Semarang on the north coast of Java has always causes the mangalami siltation caused the sediment so that gradually land area will be growing towards the north.

That said, after Zheng He left the place because he had to continue his voyage, many of his crew who lived in the village Simongan and mate with the locals. They bersawah and farming on the ground. Zheng He gives lessons about planting and spreading the teachings of Islam.

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