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Cave Kreo


Cave Kreo Semarang is a cave that is believed to be petilasan Sunan Kalijaga when looking for teak wood to build the Great Mosque of Demak. When that according to legend Sunan Kalijaga met with a flock of monkeys who then told to keep the teak wood. The word "Kreo" comes from the word meaning Mangreho guard or watch. The word is then made ​​this cave called Cave Kreo and since then the herd of apes that inhabit this region is considered as a watchman.

To reach the cave mouth, visitors must pass through a lot of stairs and steep. Next to North Kreo Cave contained waterfall originating from various sources of clear water and not dry despite the long dry season. Besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and the cool air and joking with apes watchman region, visitors can also enjoy a cold river and fresh at the bottom of this area that will soon turn into reservoirs.

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