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Dugderan is a ceremony that marked the month of fasting has come, once Kucing is a means of Semarang City Government information to the people of the coming month of Ramadan. Kucing executed exactly 1 day before the fasting month. Dugder words, taken from the blend of sounds dugdug, and the sound of cannon which follow later assumed by derr.

These activities include market the people that started a week before Kucing, carnival followed by merahputih troops, marching band, troop custom clothing "SINGLE BINNEKA IKA", cannon, and a variety of potential ngendok warak arts in the city of Semarang. Typical characteristics of this event is warak Ngendok custom-bodied species of animal-headed goat skin dragon scales of gold, visualization warak ngendok made of colored paper - colorful. This event started from 08.00 hours until sunset on the same day also held festivals and Jipin Blantenan warak.

History "Dugder":

Muslims have long been disagreement in determining the day of the fasting month, each party usually wants to maintain its own truth-sendidi, it often raises some fasting beginning of this determination the authorities attention. This occurred in 1881 under the Government Kanjeng Bupari RMTA Purbaningrat.Beliaulah first ventured to determine nulainya day of fasting, ie after Bedug Grand Mosque District and Maeriam page rung three times each. Before sounding the drum and cannon, the ceremony is held at page District

The existence of Der Dug ceremony was increasingly attracted the attention of Semarang and surrounding communities, causing the arrival of traders from various regions bermacam0macam that sell food, drinks and children's toys such as those made of clay (piggy bank, pottery), toys from bamboo (flute , Gangsingan), toys from Kerta (Horse Parade)

The course of Ceremony:

Before the implementation of the drum is sounded and the cannon in the District, has prepared a variety of equipment such as:

1. Flag
2. Draped in a wreath for 2 (two) guns that will be sounded.
3. British drug (Munitions) and newsprint that are fixtures cannon
4. Gamelan prepared at the district hall.

The officer must be ready to place:

1. Gonfalonier
2. The officer rang the cannon and drum
3. Commerce (pengrawit)
4. The ceremony leader, usually Lurah / Head of the local village.

Dug Der ceremony held just a day before the fasting month at 15.30 WIB.Ki Lurah as Chairman commencement ceremony speeches set the day of fasting to pray for continued safety please. Later in the mosque sounded Bedug 3 (three) times. After that is sounded by the rhythm of the gamelan District MOGANG.

Procession "Dugder":
Although times have changed and evolved but the tradition is still preserved Der Dug. Although the implementation of this tradition ceremony has undergone many changes, but does not reduce the meaning Dug Der itself. The cause of the changes include implementation of emigration to the Government Center and City Hall on Jl Pemuda land increasingly narrowing the Fair, because the development of retail buildings around Market Johar.Upacara Der Tradition Dug is now held at the City Hall page with the same time, the day before the month Fasting.

The ceremony was chaired by the Mayor of Semarang who plays Duke Semarang.Setalah dilaksnakan ceremony, followed by a procession / Carnival, followed by Red and White Army, Drum band, Traditional Clothing Force "Unity in Diversity", Meriam, Horse Parade and a variety of arts exist in the city of Semarang.

With a drum sound and cannon bergemanya this city of Semarang and surrounding communities know that tomorrow morning start fasting without feelings of doubt.

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