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Marba building located in one corner of the old town, opposite the Park Srigunting, precisely Let. Jend. Suprapto No 33 Semarang was built in the mid-nineteenth century, is a 2 storey building with thick walls of ± 20 cm. The building stands around the middle of XIX century. Development was initiated by Marta Badjunet, a Yemeni citizen, was a wealthy merchant in those days. To commemorate his services building was named after his name stands for Marba. This building was originally used as the office of the shipping business, Naval Expeditionary Payload (EMKL). In addition the office is also used to store
the modern and the only one at the time, De Zeikel. After retirement, the company held by his son voyage Marzuki Bawazir MR. Somewhat unfortunate that this exotic ancient buildings currently there is no activity and are used for storage.

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