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As one of Ancient Buildings in the city of Semarang, Marabunta building has unique characteristics, namely the existence of a giant ant statue on its roof. Didirikanya date of this building is uncertain, but there are some allegations that could be considered. In 1854 among the people of Europe stand up to say a permanent staging takes place once a month. Most likely Marabunta existing at that time and used by this group and other associations to perform works of dramatic art. This assumption is reinforced by the style of bow arches and slender columns that exist in the auditorium are two things that are popular on until the end of the last century. System support and masonry wall above the doorway rollag and windows can also strengthen the allegations.

However, Marabunta have significance in the development of the performing arts, especially drama, dance and music in Semarang. Marabunta beautiful building was once the venue of a beautiful woman named Sun espionage. In the early days of independence after disuse as the theater, this building by the foundation ditempai Four Five, whose members include the late former president Suharto and the late Supardjo Rustam. This foundation was later renamed the Foundation Kodam.

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