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Simpang lima


Growing Simpanglima function into the square was the first President of the Republic of Indonesia suggestion that suggest the procurement of the plaza in Hyderabad instead of Kanjengan. The square is owned Semarang Semarang since the reign of the first Duke had been changed into a shopping center. Serves as a place of ceremony, Simpanglima also a venue for performances, recreational areas, even as market tiban at certain times. Various types of good foods and heavy meals snacks sold at the Lesbian style taking place around the sidewalk and around the square. Meanwhile souvenirs, school supplies to household appliances, sandals to hair ornaments, also sold here.

As the central city of Semarang. Simpang Lima can be said to be the center of the crowd. This is seen because there are around Simpang Lima shopping center like Citraland, Simpang Lima Plaza, Gajah Mada Plaza, shopping center Simpang Lima and Hotel Star, the Ciputra Hotel and Hotel Horison. Besides shopping there are also places of worship ie Masjid Baiturrahman. Simpang Lima field in addition to the ceremony and performances as well as a place of recreation. In the evening visited Simpang Lima many people to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the evening.

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