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Pondok Daun


Dining area with the traditional concept of halal and the atmosphere is very convenient for visitors to make a hut of leaves into one of the culinary tourism destination in the city of Semarang. Founded in December 2008, Pondok leaves its location just 5 minutes from airport A Yani Semarang, continue to promote the quality of the food and service. A varied menu consisting of a variety of typical foods both from Semarang and some 60 other local tenants, making visitors can more freely choose foods that are in want in one place diarea 1 ha and a very extensive parking facilities.

Live music entertainment is also available each evening in our outdoor stage. Hotspot areapun there for you who surf hobby. Children Playground indoor & outdoor aside for your child and provided also the playground for the kids ATV you I've got soul explorers.

Tenants in Booths include:

Seafood area: RM.Baron, RM.Idaman, H. Suminto Seafood

Traditional food: Lunpia Mbak Lien, Rice Holy Pindang, Pempek Palembang, Soto Kudus, Gado-gado, Tail Soup, Duck Palace, Rice Lead, Iga Bakar Tandhok, Bami Bandung, Sate Kambing Jinggo P. Man, Pak Bagong Jowo Bami, Nasi Fried tripe Depok, Fried Chicken and Bird Dara Mr. Bowo, Beef Satay, Satay Chicken, Meatballs, etc.

National Food: Shahe, Picato Steak, Hot Plate Noodle Puri Oka, etc.

Beverage: ice puter cong lik, various juices, coconut ice, various wedang, dawet ice, ice cream, etc..

Bereaneka culinary variety and good atmosphere mainstay kami.jangan Brazilians say never to Semarang if not to the hut of leaves is one of our tagline. For more information lanjutanda can direct our place.

Pondok Daun pusat jajan tradisional : JL. Marina Raya – Puri Anjasmoro. Semarang. Telp/fax : 024-766.31.618.

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