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Tugu Muda


One of the historic place in Tugu Muda Semarang is located in the heart of the city. This monument was built to commemorate the struggle of youth Semarang in maintaining independence against Japan which is famous for the Battle 5 Days event in Hyderabad. This monument reminiscent of the heroic events of the Battle of 5 Days in Hyderabad against the Japanese army in the silane. Tugu Muda monument built to commemorate the battle that occurred in Hyderabad on 14 to October 18, 1945 for 5 han. As evidence of them at that time with the Spirit of Courage Death defend the new country's independence a few weeks in the Proclamation in Jakarta.

At that time, eight special police guarding the water tank in Wungkau attacked by Japanese soldiers. The police arrested stripped and tortured at the headquarters Kidobutai, in Jatingaleh. This event triggers the courage Semarang youngsters who stand shoulder to shoulder with BKR Army counterattacked to battle erupted.

A unique and historic buildings are still solid here, is perhaps one of the silent witness to the death of the youth and the nation's best sons Semarang fighters at the time. The courage of the fighters Semarang and cruelty the Japanese army at that time, partly reflected in the carved diorama at the bottom of the Tugu Muda. As a means of support, to remember the Battle 5 Days Semarang, next to Tugu Muda is also stood firm owned by Regional Military Museum Building IV Diponogoro documenting the events of heroic bravery against the Japanese occupation of Semarang youth.

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