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Achmad Yani International Airport


Achmad Yani International Airport (IATA: SRG, ICAO: WARS first Wiis) located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The name of the airport was taken from one of the heroes of the revolution Indonesia, Achmad Yani. The inauguration of the international airport takes place in the inaugural flight of Garuda Indonesia to Singapore in March 2004 with the main foundation size: 2680 x 45 m.

Ahmad Yani airport or the airport is often called A. Yani was once an air base's Air Force Air Force. First, people often call it by name Kalibanteng Army Airbase. The name of the airport in Semarang is taken from one of the national hero, General Ahmad Yani. As time goes by, and based on shared decision-Air Force Commander, the Minister of Communications and Minister of the Army dated August 31, 1966, stating that in addition to the Army base, Airport A. Yaniv also serve general aviation to commercial.

On October 1, 1995, airport management A. Yani handed over to PT. (The partners) Angkasa Pura I. Thus, when it began the era of commercial aviation in full. Airport which is located on Jalan Sudirman, precisely on the north side Kalibanteng Roundabout is very strategic because it is close to downtown. Approximately fifteen minutes from downtown (Simpang Lima). Traffic to the airport also does not jam like in Jakarta, for example.

After all this time only serves the national route, starting in August 2004, the Airport A. Yani start serving international flights. This increase began with a trial period before an international flight for four months. The route the test is to Singapore. In the trial period of international flights, the average passenger above 60 percent. According to public opinion, increase the status of this is very necessary to remember is the capital city of Semarang, Central Java Province, and Semarang is one of the largest cities in Java and is a traffic trade.

To increase the status of the airport is the airport manager, in this case is the PT (the partners) Angkasa Pura I increase the length of the runway from 1850 meters to 2850 meters. In addition to runway improvements, the manager also make corrections facilities and other infrastructure of the airport. Expected with the improvement of facilities and can further improve services. Some of these improvements include the replacement of the old taxi fleet to be replaced with a new cab, add a shopping facility with international standards.

A. Airport Improvement status Yani is also taken seriously by investors, it can be seen from the construction of several new hotels in the city of Semarang. The tourism sector is also expected to enjoy the blessings of increased airport status, namely by berdatangannya foreign tourists who direct transit in Semarang. Because Semarang also has many attractions that can be relied upon.

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