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Maron beach


Maron own name presumably because this beach is still owned by the Army Aviation (Penerbad), because red is the color distinctive maroon berets Penerbad, the beach is called Pantai Maron.

Maron beach itself is located at the mouth of the river Silandak a distance of 3 km from the highway. Maron beach can be reached from two places, from Ahmad Yani Airport or from the Housing Graha Padma, Krapyak. The first time I get there via the airport, along the way I just thought a distance of 3 miles but really long journey is also yes. The duration of the trip due to road conditions are not paved, just a hard ground padas.

yellowish brown. Coupled with the condition are not smooth, regular padas typical ground - after the rain will be muddy, slippery, muddy basin formed later when dry will make the road so uneven.

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