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Kejawen is a belief or religion may be said to be mainly held in the island of Java, the Javanese and other ethnic groups who settled in Java.

The word "Kejawen" comes from the Javanese word, a noun that has a meaning in the Indonesian language that is all related to the customs and beliefs of Java (Javaneseness). Naming the "Javanese" is common, usually because the language of instruction of worship using the Java language. In a general context, kejawen is part of the local religion of Indonesia. A U.S. anthropologist, Clifford Geertzpernah write about religion in his famous The Religion of Java or in another language, Javanese called "Agami Jawi".

Kejawen in public opinion contains about art, culture, traditions, rituals, attitudes and philosophy of the Javanese. Kejawen also means spiritualistis spiritualistis or Javanese.

Adherents of the teachings of Javanese usually do not consider teaching as a religion in the sense that monotheistic religions such as Islam or Christianity, but rather view it as a set of perspectives and values ​​coupled with a number of behaviors (similar to "worship"). Doctrine kejawen usually not fixated on a strict rule, and stresses on the concept of "balance". In that view, kejawen resemblance to Confucianism or Taoism, but not the same in his teachings. There is almost no expansion of teaching activities (mission) but the coaching done routinely.

Symbols of "behavior" usually involves the objects taken from the traditions that are considered native Java, such as keris, puppets, reading spells, the use of certain flowers that have a symbolic meaning, and so on. As a result many people (including penghayat kejawen itself) are easily associate with the practice of Javanese mysticism and shamanism.

Kejawen teachings vary, and can adopt a number of flow arrivals religious teachings, whether Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian. Own syncretism symptoms are considered not something strange because they enrich the perspective of the challenges of changing times.

Some Flow Kejawen:

There are hundreds of streams with emphasis kejawen different teachings. Some obviously syncretic, the other is reactive against a particular religious doctrine. But usually the teachings of many of its members put more emphasis on how to achieve life balance and do not forbid its members to practice religion (other) specific.

Multiple streams with large member  
 1.Padepokan Cakrakembang
 3.Budi Dharma

The flow of the reactive nature such as streams that follow the teachings Sabdopalon, or the teachings of Sheikh Siti Jenar penghayat.

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