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Football Association of Indonesia Semarang (PSIS) is a football club based in the city of Semarang, Indonesia Semarang identity with headquarters Stadium. This club's nickname is "Warriors of Mahesa Jenar".

History :
The history of Semarang city's soccer team has been going on for a long time when this city was still under the authority of the colonial government. The first recorded football team UNION is a stand-July 2, 1911. UNION itself is simply the name for a team with a Chinese name Hoa Hwee Koan Yoe. The team is getting the right rechspersoon in 1917 from the colonial government.

Furthermore, there is also a team called the Comite Kampioens-wedstrijden Chinese (CKTH) with a gym in the area Seteran. In 1926 the team changed its name to Hwa Nan Voetbalbond (HNV). Hwa Nan registered club has even done an exhibition match with overseas clubs from Taiwan, Hua Loh Voetbalbond Team.

Among indigenous supporters, associations that stand out are the Tots Ons Doel (TOD) which was established on May 23, 1928, based on the Levee Kalibuntang (now Jl. Dr. Cipto). On his way Tots Ons Doel renamed PS. Sport Stal Spieren (SSS). PS SSS is then a forerunner to PSIS Semarang. In 1930 the team was renamed Voetbalbond Indonesia Semarang (VIS) who practice in the field of East Karimata.

After PSSI was born on 19 April 1930, Indonesia Semarang Voetbalbond renamed penjadi Semarang Indonesia Football Association (PSIS) consisting of a football club Romeo, PSKM, REA, MAS, PKVI, Dragon, RIM, RDS and the SSS alone. The name of the SSS club later changed into Bahasa Indonesia, Sport To be Healthy, until now.

In 2006, the club competitions are trained Sutan Harhara which was later dismissed and replaced by his assistant Personal Bonggo.

Since it was first established, PSIS has been known as a mediocre team in the competition of the United Indonesia. Less maximum support from local government (possibly) representing the characteristics of Semarang residents who tend to like the results obtained instantly and easily satisfied so that the achievements of this team was not good but also not exactly ugly.

Proven new PSIS could taste the title by defeating 1987 champion Ditahun Persebaya Surabaya in the final competition PSSI union with the score 1-0 through a single goal was noisy Waidi. Because these factors are satisfied too quickly (especially coupled punggawanya success in the SEA Games gold medal for the first time Indonesia) then in the next competition PSIS almost fall into the hole degradation coupled with the "interference" Persebaya who played for the 12-0 defeat of View events . PSIS fortunately still able to survive and continue to survive with mediocre team rankings.

PSIS is the highest achievement when winning the First Division League of the United PSSI League champions in 1987 and Indonesia 1999. In the 2006 season was runner-up PSIS Liga Indonesia with the success of Indonesia reached the final of the League, against Persik Kediri at Manahan Stadium, Solo and lost through the end of extra time to the 2nd round. Today PSIS Semarang also runner-up status as Bang Yos Gold Cup (PEBY) the last one, held in Jakarta at the end of 2006.

  • Winner LI 1987 (still called union PSSI. Persebaya vs. 1-0, goals by Syaiful Amri)
  • Winner LI V 1998 (vs. Persebaya 1-0, Tugiyo)
  • LI Division I Winner 2000
  • Champion III LI XII 2005
  • Champion II LI XIII 2006
  • Champion III PEBY 2005
  • Second Place PEBY 2006
  • Suratin Cup Winner 2004
  • Second Place Suratin Cup 2003
  • Club World Cup Champion 2010
  • Asian Champions League Winner 2010

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