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Istana Wedang


Wedangan, or hot drinks are the most fun at the Palace Wedhang.
Palace deserved designation for places to drink that provides more than 18 kinds of drinks ini.Yang so beloved customers is wedhang round, wedhang Ndongo states, wedhang tape, sekoteng, and wedhang pea. More fun again when sipping wedhang while accompanied by snacks like to know the contents, risoles, centik sweet, croquettes, and nagasari.

Although called the Palace Wedhang, for you are really hungry there are also some food to fill the stomach. Call it fried tripe, tripe gongso, Langgi rice, and rice cake Gomeh distinctive stamp of Semarang.

Other menu that smells of Europe there Bestik beef, chicken steak, and galantin. 

Galantin presented with pieces of boiled egg and vegetables setup consisting of carrots, beans, peas, and fried potatoes. Red sauce and sweet. Very harmonious accompany galantin soft tasty meat.

Places to eat with the Dutch style of architecture has been alternately the successor to the legacy of delicious recipes that stay awake until now. Open every day, even holidays from 8 am to 12 am.

Jl. Pemuda 121 Semarang
(Next to Novotel Hotel)
Telp. (024) 3541879

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